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Term Theme: Counting 8

Previously: Mathematical concepts of “more” and “less” At the end of the term, hold another revision week. Like last time, check in with individual children to see what they can remember. Extend on the activities that they still need support with, or revisit their favourite ones. Look back on what they knew at the start […]

Term Theme: Counting 7

Previously: Counting to 20 The children have had a lot of opportunities to explore numbers, but do they understand their value? The blocks activities help with this. Asking children to count specific numbers of blocks means they have to count high enough, but not count too many. This week we are looking at the mathematical […]

Term Theme: Counting 6

Previously: Revision week Consider your reflection week. Are the children going alright with this theme or do they need to continue on the same level for longer to really become familiar with the numbers 1 to 10? If they need to continue, then explore other ways of incorporating counting into their play. Perhaps the other […]