100 Days!

Inspire. Create. Motivate. is now 100 days old! And I have posted a new blog update every day! 100 days in a row!

As someone who tends to start projects and then give up on them just as quickly, I’m feeling pretty proud that I’ve kept this up for so long! I’m still inspired! I’m still creating! And I’m still motivated!

However, I may allow myself to step back a bit from the pressure of posting every single day now. I really want to focus on writing teaching resource books. I have finished the first draft of one already!

Please let me know! What part of my blog do you find most useful? Comment below!

Resource Books

Today’s post is an update on my work!

I’ve decided to start creating resource books. These will be small ebooks or hard copies about certain topics.

The first book is going to be about Australian: Cultural Identity and Belonging. This book will extend on the basics described in the cultural identity term theme that we previously published on this blog. It will become a step by step guide to running the program and will include resources, such as flash cards and information pages for learning folders.

After this book, I hope to create many more!

What topics would you find useful? Comment below.