Term Theme: Counting 7

Previously: Counting to 20

The children have had a lot of opportunities to explore numbers, but do they understand their value? The blocks activities help with this. Asking children to count specific numbers of blocks means they have to count high enough, but not count too many.

This week we are looking at the mathematical concepts of “more” and “less”. I find the easiest way is to use the blocks again. Separate them into a few different piles, you might even sort them into colours. Count each pile and go back and check that they remember how many was in each one. Make sure each pile has a different number of blocks.

Point to the pile in the middle. Which pile has more blocks than this one? Which pile has less? Discuss the meaning of the words. The pile with more has a higher number of blocks, or it is bigger, longer, taller (depending on how you have displayed them). The opposite description can be given for the pile with less.

This experience may need to be spread across two weeks to help the children retain the information.

You may also want to explore the words “most” and least” at the same time.

Next time: End of term

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