Term Theme: Counting 6

Previously: Revision week

Consider your reflection week. Are the children going alright with this theme or do they need to continue on the same level for longer to really become familiar with the numbers 1 to 10? If they need to continue, then explore other ways of incorporating counting into their play. Perhaps the other activities were not engaging enough for them and they need something different. Do not push forward to counting to 20 if they are not ready.

However, if they are ready, then it is time to start exploring counting to 20. Preschoolers are not necessarily expected to know how to count to 20, so the following weeks are more about giving them the opportunity to become familiar with the numbers and not so much about getting them exactly right all the time.

Spend the next two weeks offering different ways to count to 20. You may start with just counting out lout, together as a group. You may want to repeat the blocks activities from the 1-10 experience. Look back at what worked with the children in your class and increase the difficulty and make the numbers higher. You may decide not to go all the way to 20 every day.

Remember, these weeks are about exploring the numbers, and not about being able to recite them perfectly.

Next time: mathematical concepts of “more” and “less”

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