Term Theme: Counting 5

Previously: Counting back from 10

You should hold a revision week about half way through the term. Children learn at different speeds and some have more difficulty than others. Take this week to reflect on which children are retaining the learning and which ones need more support. This is where your note taking from the beginning of the term becomes useful (as well as at the end of the term). Add to it to include updated information.

Approach children individually to see what they can remember and then use the group times of this week to focus on the activities that need the most support. They may change each day depending on which children are in attendance. This is a flexible week. Use it however it is needed.

If you find that the children are retaining the learning and you are not sure what activities to provide this week, then ask them which ones were their favourite so you can revisit them.

Next time: Counting to 20

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